Does your friend love those cowboy movies with Indiana Jones riding his horse and his lasso by his side? Why not make your friend’s dream come true in a unique way? It’s your friend’s birthday, so why not gift him a bottle of wine with something extra that will leave a lasting impression. We have got the perfect gift in the form of a simple lasso. However, there’s nothing simple about this lasso because the magic it holds will display the wine bottle with an illusion as if it is suspended in air.

Simply rope the bottle’s neck and the lasso will support its weight horizontally. It can be used on any surface such as counter tops, tables, etc. The rope is made of polyresin and can hold one red or white. The lasso has small pads attached underneath it, which protects the table top. This personalized gift will not only make your friend’s birthday but will also wow the guests with its magical illusion. Your friend might have seen various wine bottle holders but this Lasso Holder will definitely astonish him at the first sight. A charming birthday gift for that cowboy in your life, the lass will surely make him go yee-haw!