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Looking for a classy wedding gift for that friend of yours? Why not opt for this complete set of personalized cocktail shakers? Although the all-stainless steel body of this cocktail shaker is enough for anyone to love it, you can have it personalized to make it even more special. What adds to the beauty of this gift is the box this set comes in. It is enclosed in a beautiful box which has a rosewood finish that adds to the elegance of your wedding gift. There is no reason why your gift would not be the most elegant one.

This set of personalized cocktail shaker includes four different accessories. Within the rosewood finish box, you will find a strainer, a jigger, a stirrer, and tongs, all accompanied by the stylish stainless steel shaker. To add to the beauty of this gift, everything inside the box is placed within a perfectly crafted padding. Have a personal note engraved onto the box and make your wedding gift more of a souvenir for your friend—a gift that will have always remind him/her of you! So don’t go for the clichés when you can gift this classy set of cocktail shaker set in a customized rosewood finish box.