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Glass meet flute. Flute meets champagne. A match made in heaven, this champagne flute is the perfect gift to give to your friend on her wedding anniversary. This glass is what redefines crystal flutes and is both modern and luxurious. The flute has been designed for fine dining with well-aged wines. Specifically made for elite socializing in the highest of settings, you can even customize the flutes with floral patterns or an emblem, to give them a unique look.

The champagne flute is made from lead-free glass and has a light off-white color that is further enhanced by its crystal-like look. Its elegant design and sleek look is what makes it perfect for serving champagnes, as well as cocktails and other festive drinks. Your friend will definitely love this personalized gift, once it is customized according to her taste. The glass is 8 7/8" tall and can hold up to 8.5 oz. Its rim has a diameter of 1 3/4" and its edges are smooth and straight. The lead-free and barium-free glass makes it dishwasher safe and protects it from cracking. Your friend will be extremely delighted with a set of these flutes and will love them even more if they are personalized with any kind of impression.