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Looking for something useful as well as funky to gift to a friend? Why not try this wine glass with 7-3/8” height and a good 2-1/2” diameter rim. The wine glass is capable of containing 12 Oz of mouth-watering contentment and has a sleek modern design, ideal for wine counters and dining spaces.

The wine glass is an amazing gift idea for it is made up of high quality glass and shaped into the perfect design for young wine and bright tastes in a light density. This shape gives it ample room to the drinker to enjoy the aroma as well as the taste of the red and white wine variety. The clear glass it is constructed with makes the hues of the wine stand out and be more sparkling in the clear surface. 

This wine glass style is a wonderful option to be personalized for any of the occasion and can be gifted in pair or as a singular object to any of the friends. This could also be used as a souvenir as well and also a good party or wedding favor for the guests with personalized cards inserted in the glass or decorated with ribbons and paints, etc.