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Did you know that the shape of the glass can impact your drinking experience significantly? Well, this conical wine/martini glass will improve the beverage tasting experience tenfold times. Enhancing the taste of the alcoholic beverage filled inside, this full rim glass will make sure that you can savor the beverage to the fullest. The crystal clear color of the glass will allow you to visualize the subtleties of the wine. Fill it to the brim and present sparkling champagne, Chardonnay or Burgundy to the guests at your wedding anniversary or any other special occasion to make it magical.

Are you thinking of the ideal gift to give to your best friend when you visit next? A set of this wine glass will make a perfect addition to the champagne glassware. You can enjoy up till 10 oz. of warm alcoholic beverage on the full rim conical wine glass. The cut rim will ascertain that the wine is not inhibited as you begin imbibing. Bearing the dimension 7-7/8” (height) and 4-5/8” (rim), the smooth rim of the glass ensures that the beverage seamlessly flows down the throat. The stem is easy to grip and the wine serving will taste unique every single time a drink is presented in this glass.