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The beautiful and curvy centerpiece tabletop decanter isn’t only a wine container but also an amazing idea for a gift. Is there an ambiguity about gifting something to your dear elders when they’ve invited you over for dinner? Or do you think giving gifts which could be both useful and artistic is what your hunt should be about? Pick up this one and you won’t regret.

This wine decanter holds up to the contents of one standard size bottle and the glass design in its unique form adds to the charm of classic drinks. This tabletop centerpiece decanter isn’t only useful for households but is a wonderful option for a gift and could be personalized as well. The long lasting product is made up of high quality glass which glistens and accentuates the base color of the wine, gold and reds. The centerpiece adds spark to the place with its simple yet elegant design and enhances the aeration with a deep punt in the middle which is both classy and beautiful.

The hourglasses figure of the tabletop centerpiece decanter is meant to take the breath away, so use it for the same, add a wine with it and you have the perfectly coupled present for any dinner party.